The Best Ethical and Sustainable Activewear

Earlier this year I made a commitment to purchasing ethical and sustainable brands. This hasn't been easy, it has meant that I've had to give up a lot of my favorite brands and have had to hunt to find ethical, sustainable options that fit my style and my body. Activewear has been one of the most challenging, but I've recently found a few brands that I am over the moon about. 

PACT I am obsessed with PACT right now. I started out buying their underwear and have moved on to their leggings for workout (and let's not kid anyone, every day all day wear too). Their clothes are dreamily soft and they have a serious commitment to organic cotton (uses up to 95% less water than conventional cotton during the wash phase and doesn’t contain the harsh chemicals, bleaches or dyes that conventional cotton uses. Additionally, conventional cotton often requires the use of chemical-laden pesticides that increases the debt burden on the farmer and leaches into the land and water).  Their clothes are also GOTS and Fair Trade certified.

 yoga-ing in my new  PACT  leggings 

yoga-ing in my new PACT leggings 


Teeki makes yoga wear out of recycled water bottles. HOW COOL IS THAT? Plus, their clothes come in fun ethereal prints.

Girlfriend Collective creates wonderful leggings and sports bras from recycled water bottles. I love the Monroe bra - it's comfy, supportive and breastfeeding mama friendly

Elle Evans this Australian sustainable swimwear line launched a gorg activewear line. I have my eyes set on this palm printed sports bra made from ECONYL a recycled lycra made from "plastic waste dredged from the sea" and printed with non-toxic. 

Jivamukti I bought one of my favorite pairs of yoga shorts at Jivamukti in New York City. They are some of the most thoughtful yogis out there, so of course their clothes would be sustainable. These shorts are made of 64% bamboo, 28% organic cotton, 8% spandex.

tasc Performance  I recently purchased a pair of tasc pants and am pleased to say that the products live up to their name. This is gear for the serious athlete made out of the Moso timber bamboo plant that is reduced to a cellulose level and regenerated into Viscose, or Rayon.

Athleta this mainstream brand has set their sustainability sights high with their by 2020 goals. Shop their current sustainable collection here.

Patagonia Winter is coming and Patagonia is my go to for winter active gear. The fabulous thing about Patagonia is that they are a leader in winter activewear and a leader (among all businesses not just within their industry) in sustainability. This vest made with 55% post consumer recycled content, and wrapped in a 100% recycled polyester shell and lining is my go to for cold weather runs and for an under layer under basically everything all winter long (when not in sunny, beachy Miami).