5 Ways to Reset Your Mindset After a Holiday Weekend

Welcome back from 4th of July Weekend! Now it's time to get back to work.

Even if you did work all weekend, shifts in societal and seasonal calendars provide a great opportunity to refresh your mindset. Before diving back into work today, consider taking these 5 steps to reset your mindset and achieve greater productivity:

  1. Scrub your to-do list. Are you wasting time on busy work? What tasks can you remove or outsource so that you can focus in on the high return tasks?
  2. Clean your office and desk. Studies have found a messy desk to deplete mental resources. Take a few moments to organize your space and toss anything that you no longer need.
  3. Clean your desktop. The clutter on your computer screen can cause the same lack of focus as a disorganized desk. Here is another study that points to the power of organization.
  4. Clean out your email. Create folders and filters to keep your emails organized. Unsubscribe from anything that is taking up precious space in your inbox.
  5. Set new goals. Take this opportunity to set new, manageable goals for the remainder of 2016. What will you accomplish by end of year and what is your action plan to do so?
MindsetJacqui Somen