Why You Should Sing to Your Baby

A recent study found that "singing to babies on a daily basis was associated with lower symptoms of postnatal depression and enhanced wellbeing, self-esteem and self-reported mother-infant bond."

I stopped singing after 6th grade choir. But, my babe loves it when I sing to her so I've been putting forth the effort. In the beginning, I had a limited repertoire that consisted of the soundtrack from RENT and Little Mermaid (unfortunately, I'm not joking), but over the last few months have started to appreciate finding my singing voice. Singing makes us feel good and has a whole slew of health benefits (scroll to view). "Singing elevates the energy in the room," says aerobics instructor Janeen Whalen in this 1992 article for the Los Angeles Times. The article also claims that people have always been singing. In fact, "Greek philosopher Pythagoras encouraged his students to sing each day to overcome fear and anger, worry and sorrow." Here are a few ways you can take up singing on behalf of your wellness: 

  1. Turn up the radio and sing along. ( I like to add a mini dance party, too).
  2. Attend a Kirtan concert. According to newworldkirtan.com, Kirtan "a very different kind of music.  Based on ancient chants, it has the ability to quiet the mind if listened to with intention.  Everyone experiences kirtan differently, and it doesn’t have to be a religious experience" (source). If you don't have one in your area or can't make it because of your babe, you can join an online 
  3. Attend a Mommy & Me Music Class. My yoga studio offers a mommy and me music class, you can also check out Music Together, which offers classes all over the country 
  4. Go to church. Singing in a place of worship helps amplify the sometimes transcendent effects of singing.

Here are some additional benefits of singing:

According to Lifehacker and to the below infographic which is fairly well sourced, singing has a multitude of health benefits that extend beyond mama's well-being.